Portico Pictures | The Spear | Youma
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The Spear | Youma

About This Project

Filmed and Edited by Portico Pictures
Produced by Joe Bunn
Hair and Makeup by Makeup For Your Day
Shot on location at Falls Lake and 214 Martin Street

We recently got tapped to create the newest music video for the band Youma & their song “The Spear”. In speaking with the fellas, we began to realize how personal this song was, and that this wasn’t going to be a typical video shoot. This was going to be a transformative experience. We had a day for exteriors then the all remaining interior shots would have to be completed the following day. We were also dealing with some ambitious visuals that would see us filming on water, through smoke, and into the wee hours of the morning… and maybe a fire truck (or two) was called in along the way. It was clear that all of our pre-production planning was going to be of the utmost importance.

Though the days were long, and conditions sometimes less than favorable, the band kept their chins up & rocked out for two days straight. In the end, we all came away with the feeling that we had just created something that bordered on magical, though “magic, isn’t even the word for it”.




Toni Wheaton


Chris Wheaton & Daniel Thomas

Art Direction

Lindsey Wachter