Portico Pictures | Pampers | Mother's Day
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Pampers | Mother’s Day

About This Project

It’s hard to think of a better gift for Mother’s Day then being featured in the Pampers | Mother’s Day #ThanksBaby commercial. A couple weeks ago we got a message about potentially having parts of Elijah’s Birth Story featured in the Mother’s Day commercial for Pampers. The marketing agency who contacted us was going to pitch the idea and our video to Pampers. We really had no clue what the concept of the commercial was, how they would use the footage, or how much of it they would use. A few days later we got word that Pampers loved the pitch and they were going to move forward with the commercial. This was all really exciting but we still didn’t know what the final spot would look like. Well two days ago we got to see the final and the entire 30 second spot was all from Elijah’s video. Of course we both cried together reliving those precious moments when he was born, and to have those moments live in a commercial is just amazing.