Portico Pictures | Nike Air Jordan Retro 3
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Nike Air Jordan Retro 3

About This Project

The Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 was Released on February 17th 2018. We partnered with ForceField to create a hype video to showcase Nike’s newest Jordan with the amazing ForceField Crease Preventers.

This can be intimidating. We were given 12 hours to develop a concept, find talent, and shoot each scene.

So how did we do it?

Firstly, deal with the intimidation and pressure of being put up against a tight deadline to deliver great content for big brands like ForceField and Finish Line. The way we do this is to follow our production process. By asking a few simple questions, we had enough to develop a solid concept.

  1. What is the core message to the viewer?
  2. Who is the viewer/audience?
  3. How should the viewer/audience feel and react when watching the video?
  4. Do you have any visual references or guides? (videos, photos, etc.)


If we know the core message, the target audience, the emotional tone, and the visual aesthetic, we feel comfortable creating a video that will meet the client’s expectations. Especially when working on a tight deadline, gathering this information can help you move past the nerves and pressure and into developing some solid ideas and concepts for your production.

How did we execute?

Thankfully we have a gorgeous 1400 square foot studio, The White Space, where we shot all of the product shots. We used the all white room, a seamless gray, and a seamless black backdrop for the product shots. The three different setups were a quick solution to add contrast and energy to the video. We also added a projector to the black seamless setup. The old Mars Blackmon vs. Michael Jordan commercials were projected onto the background to add some context and history to the shoes.

For the final scene, we needed to show the crease preventers in action! The Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 is a classic shoe and the ForceField crease preventers help protect the shoes from creasing even during hard use situations like pick up basketball. This is where our visual references came in handy. Using the visual references from our client we were able to identify the right location and right look for our talent. After about 30 minutes at a local playground we had the final shots we needed for the commercial!

The video was delivered ahead of schedule and the client loved it! FinishLine shared the video on their instagram page and on display screens in some of their stores!

We hope that our production process is insightful and can help you produce amazing video content even on a tight deadline!