Portico Pictures | Nellino's Sauce Co.
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Nellino’s Sauce Co.

About This Project

Nellino’s Sauce Co. by Portico Pictures

We partnered with Nellino’s Sauce Co. to help them tell their story as they moved through the transition of changing the name of the brand. Neal, the owner of Nellino’s had this to say about his experience.

“Never before has the story of the brand been captured more beautifully. Last summer I entered the  Portico Pictures Video Contest. I was so thrilled, along with my interns, that Nellino’s was selected as the winner. Since then I’ve worked closely with the team at Portico (Alex D’Amato, Meredith Albee, Chris Wheaton, Toni Wheaton, and Allison Hammond), and to say I think this video is beautiful would be the understatement of the century. Thank you, Portico Pictures, for capturing so many magical moments, so much beauty, and for sharing the story so artfully and authentically. That comes from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. And thank you to the owners of the gorgeous country villa for letting us film at your home; to the staff at the Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh; to Cottage Luxe for providing the tables, chairs, and arrangements for the dinner; to Jennifer and Steve Huntington of Huntington Provision Co. for being such wonderful and supportive friends and joining us for the dinner scene with your great boys; to my mother Angeline and great-grandmother for inspiring me with your love and traditions; and to my beautiful wife Heather and my son, Henry. He’s the real Nellino. I love you two! Enjoy, friends. And remember, I don’t want the products to be on the shelf at the grocery store. I want them to go home with you. I want you to cook with them.”