Portico Pictures | The Angus Barn a Christmas Tradition
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The Angus Barn a Christmas Tradition

About This Project

The Angus Barn a Christmas Tradition produced by Portico Pictures


Christmas at the The Angus Barn is a magical experience and the host of the Portico Pictures annual Christmas dinner! Endearing, memorable, and full of tradition. When you come to the Angus Barn for a holiday dinner, you truly walk away with a very special warm holiday feel that is embodied in all of the Christmas décor and lights to the smells and hospitality that you receive while you are celebrating with your family and friends. Christmas at The Angus Barn feels like home, so our very own Katelyn Read recorded this original version of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” as the soundtrack. We hope you enjoy the film! Special thanks to Jess Ray for producing and engineering the song! Be sure to visit the Angus Barn during the holiday season if you are in Raleigh, North Carolina!