Commercial Video Production - Raleigh | Portico Pictures
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photographer taking photos of Daytona 500 cars on track


Innovation begets innovation. At Portico Pictures, the principle of new advancements in commercial video production leading to further advancements is a driving force. Our body of work is a living testament to this outlook.

With humble beginnings in North Carolina as a Raleigh commercial video production outfit, our skills and commitment to advancing to new frontiers has made us a national and global source for a range of multimedia platforms. Our services from storyboarding to editing the final cut make us a well-rounded machine capable of producing stunning visual representations of our clients’ ideas. However, don’t let the impressive efficiency and state of the art results fool you.

Our work displays more than a commitment to mastering commercial video production techniques and standards. Using the latest equipment with skill and precision to capture the perfect shot or mastering the elements of ideal lighting conditions for a desired result is a skill no doubt about it, but the force that drives our team runs deeper than that with a foundation on one of the oldest traditions in human history. Storytelling is where craft and technique come together.

Our body of work stays true to the belief that the heart of any production is the storytelling. A commercial for baby products tells a story celebrating the inherent beauty of motherhood. A video a few minutes long gives viewers an understanding of almost 60 years of tradition and legacy found around the track of the Daytona 500. A music concept video blends visual and musical storytelling into one artful expression of the artist’s vision. Every evidence of our craft is steeped in the principle of storytelling and connecting with the audience. Our clients come to us with a vision or idea, and we turn it into more than a reality on a screen. We turn it into an expression of the oldest form of communication to help clients reach their audience in a more personal way.

While our body of work is rooted in the Raleigh commercial video production community, it is also global in its reach because of storytelling and expert technique. Let us bring your vision to life.