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two women taking photographs of woman and child behind the scenes


Our Mission

To learn more about Portico Pictures, it is important to understand the values that matter to us. We believe in the collective storytelling experience at the heart of every visual endeavor. People gathered round, in rapt attention, looking to be taken on a journey and having that need met with state of the art visuals. Stories told that make you laugh, cry, and think are the foundation on which we have built our company. We are also forever chasing the ideas that start conversations, bring people together and move audiences. With these beliefs as the backbone of our system, we have created one of the leading media production companies. Portico Pictures is a boutique film company, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, but practicing our craft all over the country. We work with corporate clients, as well as mom and pop companies. Clients with stories to tell and audiences to reach. We are Portico Pictures.

Our Team

Chris Wheaton FOUNDER / DP

Chris Wheaton


With 12 years of filmmaking experience, Chris runs the day-to-day business operations and client relations for Portico Pictures in addition to being the head DP. Chris’ background is in athletics so he approaches every shoot and every edit the same as if he were preparing for a big game. He believes in preparation, practice, and execution. Chris strives to push himself in filmmaking the same way he did when he played sports.


Toni Wheaton


Art, dance & film have always been a part of Toni. Having over 13 years of filmmaking experience, she feels at home behind the camera directing and shooting. Toni is a loving wife to her best friend, Chris. She’s an awesome mama to Elijah + Keeko, and she’s a fiery redhead!



Keeko Wheaton


Keeko is a male Morkie born Valentines day 2014. He loves people & enjoys greeting everyone that comes into the studio! Sassiness, sleeping, cuddles in the morning, treats and barking 1 inch away from your face to play are his favs.

Our Services

Portico Pictures is a full service video production company. It all starts with a good story and we can help, from concept to delivery. Our video capabilities include concept creation, script writing, storyboarding, and filming. We can cut, trim, and arrange your video with the perfect song or score to communicate the best story and captivate your audience.
We also create animations that stand alone or pair well with video footage. Our motion graphics will grab viewers’ attention whether they are used to explain a full process or simply accent a feature of your story. We recently acquired a beautiful, new space and offer studio rentals to budding and established photographers and videographers. With a focus on storytelling as a whole and not just a means to end, we are one of the few media production companies that are capable of working with clients through the entire creative process from start to finish.
If there are elements of our story or services you still have questions about, we would love to talk to you further about Portico Pictures, as well as have the chance to experience your creative vision, and the projects that excite and motivate you.

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