The Brian Hamilton Foundation | Starter U
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The Brian Hamilton Foundation | Starter U

12 Jun The Brian Hamilton Foundation | Starter U

We partnered with the Brian Hamilton Foundation to create their brand new video course about how to become an entrepreneur. The new video course is called Starter U and it launched in April this year!

The Starter U video course was a large undertaking to say the least. Over the course of 3 weeks we filmed over 50 different educational segments, 20 stories from various entrepreneurs, and a commercial to help the BHF team market the new course.  The course features real life stories and experience from over 20 different entrepreneurs and teaching from 4 expert entrepreneurs with over 100 years of business experience!

The goal for our team was produce video content that was engaging, educational, and with high production quality. We used our studio, The White Space, to film all of the educational video content and entrepreneurship stories. This gave us a controlled setting that allowed us to create a consistent look for the entire video course, which was imperative since it was over 50 videos!


For the Starter U commercial we used shooting locations all over Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill including Al’s Burger Shack, The Dillon, Raleigh HQ, NC State, Root Collective, and Method Savvy. We wanted to showcase various entrepreneurs in their real work environments to show the heart and hustle it takes to be an entrepreneur. Our entrepreneurs were in several different lines of work ranging from fashion, food services, music, education, plumbing, and fitness. With the commercial our goal was to show that entrepreneurship takes hard work, dedication, and drive but success can be achieved with the guidance of great business mentors through the Starter U Course.


The video course is absolutely free and anyone can sign up here: Starter U