Thanksgiving with The EverCo
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Thanksgiving with The EverCo

03 Dec Thanksgiving with The EverCo

Thanksgiving with the EverCo was one of our favorite shoots of the year. We love films that are centered around traditions that hold deep meaning, and Thanksgiving is a quintessential Holiday for creating memories and meaning with loved ones. In sharing this film, we don’t want to share the production details, or the lighting schemes we used, but rather the powerful story behind this film. Amy Lou Hawthorne, the owner of The Ever Co, shared this moving anecdote about the meaning of this film to her and her family. Please take a few minutes and read it, and share it to inspire others who may be in a similar situation.


From Amy:

“December of 2012, i nearly lost it all. my faith, my marriage, myself and any thought of these two little girls ever coming to be. divorce papers sat at our dining table. it was over.
yet today, nearly five years later, we gather around our dining table and by the grace of God i still have my faith, my marriage, myself and now these little girls.
friends-i beg you. if you feel like you want to give up, if you feel like you aren’t enough, if you feel like you’ll never find your happiness-hold tight, stand fast and keep strong.
break free from the chains of your past, and come undone of the brokenness that’s weighing you down. Goodness will come. i promise. don’t give up on your happiness. ✨
Chris and Toni have done it again. there’s nothing we love more than sharing the mission behind @theeverco , and somehow, someway @heartstonefilms has yet again captured us in our truest form. we love you all so much and are beyond grateful we chose Heart Stone to document the foundation of The Ever Co. ✨”


This story and this film give us hope and move us deeply, we hope they do the same for you!