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Sturdy Brothers Featuring Artist Corey Mason

01 Sep Sturdy Brothers Featuring Artist Corey Mason

This is the first installment of a video series featuring real makers and artists using Sturdy Brothers products to help them create art. Corey Mason is an abstract artist based in Raleigh, NC. Corey’s process is intense and immersive and you can see his heart and soul poured out on every canvas he creates. In Corey’s words: “I went to war, I wanted to leave some blood on the floor”.

The Sturdy Brothers are┬ástriving to rekindle a standard of quality in American craftsmanship through making waxed canvas and leather goods. When you purchase a Sturdy Brothers product, you are helping to support a small business. You are putting your hard-earned money back into the American economy, which helps businesses like them thrive. The Sturdy Brothers like to think that they’re doing their part to bring manufacturing back to America, and they couldn’t do it without you. Every product is handcrafted by the Sturdy Brothers in their workshop using American-made materials.

Be sure to support their business: www.sturdybrothers.com