Nancy Ray Photography by Portico Pictures
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Nancy Ray Photography by Portico Pictures

30 May Nancy Ray Photography by Portico Pictures

We worked with the wonderful team at Nancy Ray Photography to produce a new brand film that communicates the core purpose and message behind their work. Legacy, purpose, and a team approach to serving their clients. This film was awarded a Silver Telly Award for branded, business content. In the opening line of the film we hear Nancy say “This isn’t just a camera, this isn’t just film, these images aren’t just photographs. To us, this is legacy, and it’s the most tangible extension of our heart” This message is very dear to our hearts because it is the very same approach we take when documenting a wedding day and crafting a wedding film. Our goals when we sat down to create the concept for this film was to differentiate the NRP team from the thousands of wedding photographers out there. For us this meant getting to the heart of their business and focusing on that rather than focusing on the fact that they take beautiful photographs. We believe that clients, whether that is a newly engaged couple, a bride and groom on their wedding day, or a new family, will connect with the story and the why behind your business even more than the work you produce. From this position we established three key themes that would carry throughout the film, and every scene and detail needed to be tied to one or all of these themes. We focused on the fact that they shot on film, because it is timeless and speaks to the value of legacy and preserving memories and also the purpose behind each click of the shutter.  Next we showed each NRP photographer holding a custom frame with an actual print from each photo session, this was to show the importance of tangible prints and the value in printing and framing your photographs instead of letting them only live in the digital world. In each session during the film, we shot it in slow motion. A photograph allows you to slow down time and freeze a moment or memory forever. Another key element in each scene was to show the NRP ladies interacting and relating to their clients. They serve their clients well and do this through building meaningful relationships with them. As the film comes to a close, we wanted to drive home how much the NRP team believes in legacy. In these final scenes we see the most special memories and moments from each NRP team member and their family. These moments have been photographed, printed, and framed to preserve their legacy. The final shot is the entire NRP team walking arm in arm, this is a perfect picture of how they approach their lives, their clients, and their work; as a team focused on preserving legacy and serving with purpose.

Special thanks to the team that made this possible:
Becca Rose Creative
Make Up For Your Day