Nellino's Sauce Co. – Formerly Nello's Sauce
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Nellino’s Sauce Co. – Formerly Nello’s Sauce

19 May Nellino’s Sauce Co. – Formerly Nello’s Sauce

Nellino’s Sauce Co. | Formerly Nello’s Sauce
It is no secret that we believe in telling stories. Powerful, moving stories that build a meaningful connection between a brand, business, or product, and their audience. So, when we partnered with Nellino’s for this project, we knew that we wanted to dig deep and find the heart of why Nellino’s exists and why that should mean something to their customers. For Neal, the owner and founder of Nellino’s, the story is about his great grandmother, his family heritage and roots, and the passion he has for bringing family together. YES, they make delicious sauce, but the WHY of his business is SO powerful and resonates on a human level. By going in this direction, we know that Nellino’s new film will create a meaningful connection with his audience, help them care about his sauce, and realize that there is a real person, history, and story behind this sauce. We hope that you enjoy this story and please go out and buy some of Nellino’s delicious sauce! Buy the sauce!