Sturdy Brothers Commercial Video by Portico Pictures
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Sturdy Brothers Commercial Video by Portico Pictures

Sturdy Brothers commercial behind the scenes collage

17 Mar Sturdy Brothers Commercial Video by Portico Pictures

Sturdy Brothers crafts handmade waxed canvas goods and they are forerunners in the rekindling of American craftsmanship. We love partnering with brands that are infused with passion and creativity as the driving force behind what the create. It inspires us and pushes our limits and stretches us to produce imagery that is a true reflection of the integrity and quality of the company and brand we are working with. One visit to the Sturdy Brothers website or instagram page and you can tell that what these guys do is cool. The process is cool, the design is cool, and it is even cool to see how simple and practical their stuff is. Their workshop is in small, charming town in southern Georgia. Thomasville, is overflowing with character and history and it is definitely no coincidence that the Sturdy Brothers product have the same qualities. We spent 3 days in Thomasville, shooting in some of the coolest locations and learning all about the history and process that makes the Sturdy Brothers such a unique story. Our approach to this project was to create 4-5 different vignettes that showcase the essence of their brand and how their products are integrated into the lifestyle of their demographic. They make totes, work aprons, a manly man carry, leather key snaps, custom handkerchiefs, and even a killer firewood carrier and we wanted to show all of these products in action with a touch of the cool factor that the Sturdy Bros have. We featured the work apron in the local Grassroots Coffee shop, the man carry in a workshop/office, the firewood and craft tote at a bonfire in the Georgia woods, and a behind the scenes vignette of their workshop and their process of handcrafting waxed canvas goods. The film we be released in the coming weeks but in the meantime here is some behind the scenes photos and to see some of the first footage from the shoot check out Portico Pictures