Portico Pictures | Based in Raleigh NC, Portico Pictures makes films to move audiences, start conversations, and make people think. We build documentaries, corporate films, and more. Contact us at (919) 827-4452 today.
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We believe in the collective storytelling experience. People gathered round, in rapt attention, looking to be taken on a journey. Stories told that make you laugh, cry, and think. Ideas that start conversations, bring people together and move audiences. Portico Pictures is a boutique film company, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, but practicing our craft allover the country. We work with clients both big and small, and in a wide array of industries. Clients with stories to tell & audiences to reach. We are Portico Pictures.


We are a full service video production company. It all starts with a good story and we can help, from concept to delivery. Our video capabilities include concept creation, script writing, storyboarding, and filming.


We have a great story and beautiful footage, now it’s time to put it all together. Footage is cut, trimmed, and arranged with the perfect song or score to communicate the best story and captivate your audience.


We create animations that stand alone or pair well with video footage. Our motion graphics will grab viewers’ attention whether they are used to explain a full process or simply accent a feature of your story.


Portico Pictures offers a full service video production studio for budgets big and small. Our studio is 1,500 sq. ft. with 14 ft ceilings and roll up bay door for load in. We also provide access to multiple backdrops, lighting, grip, and video equipment.

Our Work

We work with clients both big and small, and in a wide array of industries. Clients with stories to tell & audiences to reach.

Our Process

  • Research

    Learning about the subject is perhaps the most important step. We ask questions, observe, and do whatever it takes to learn your story so we can help you tell it. We also explore what others have done and what we can do differently for you.

  • Concept

    Creating your story should be as fun for you as it is for us. Working together, we will brainstorm and storyboard what style and language is best to make the biggest impact.

  • Setup

    Amazing shots require a thorough setup. We work on-site or in our studio to perfect lighting and other environmental factors. This ensures that we achieve beautiful shots from start to finish.

  • Record

    As we shoot, we work closely with you and focus on what matters most to your story. Our goal being to make the process both comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Edit

    We arrange and enhance our shots in a way that compliments the narrative. Viewers are fully immersed into the setting, while music is seamlessly paired to enhance the experience. It's these final touches that take your story from interesting to captivating.

Fellow photographers and videographers, Portico Pictures has a full-service studio with props and equipment, available for rent.


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